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My story and background


I grew up in a small town but after graduating from Coastal Carolina Univerisity, I moved to Charleston, SC. There I worked on programming and selling off simulators to the U.S. air force. I then moved to Florida and was part of the simulation leads for the Future Combat Systems project. I then moved back near home to work for a local telophone cooperative. After many years dealing with software, hardware, accounting, finance, construction, and supply processes, I decided to start helping others with similar problems I've seen along the way. Baconware Technologies then came about when I saw a need from several of my friends and families needing specialized I.T. help that they were just not able to get from anyone else. It has grown over time to expand to companies across the U. S. With over 25 years experience across many aspects of I.T., I look forward to the challenge of helping companies succeed in the goals they try to achieve. 

Why us?

We are honest and positive professionals. Our first priority is always with the interests of the clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Since 2001, we have been serving businesses with our expertise and professionalism. We can provide support or lead your integration efforts. From Sybase or SQL databases to Java or .Net services to PeopleSoft support and integration, we offer a wide range of leadership and knowledge to your technical efforts. While we specialize in Inventory/Supply Chain management, we also can help HR, Accounting, Finance, or Construction departments reach their goals. Get in touch to start enjoying our services today.

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